Ms. Phyu Yamin Myat

Executive Committee, Myanmar Microfinance Association

Ms. Phyu Yamin Myat is a member of the founding Executive Committee of Myanmar Microfinance Association (MMFA). Holding a Masters in Public Policy from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS, Singapore, Phyu Yamin Myat works on policies and projects for rural development, private sector development, agriculture financing, micro-financing in Myanmar as an independent policy consultant since 2010. She organized MMFA’s First Microfinance Policy White Paper (2015) and currently is organizing the Second Microfinance Policy White Paper (2018). She advocates technology aided microfinance operations and facilitated the founding of MMFA’s Microfinance ICT working group in 2017. Phyu Yamin Myat is the co-founder and the managing director of Myanmar Development Partners (MDP) with the mission to provide responsible and professionalized microfinance services to low-income families across Myanmar.